Crash & Stunt

play online car crash stunt game without downloading

Experience the thrill of realistic car crashes in Crash & Stunt! This dynamic crash sim is packed with cars, tuning options, and exhilarating ragdoll jumps. Explore a range of tracks and complete missions for extra rewards!

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  • Stunning graphics, an immersive soundtrack, and detailed sound effects
  • Slow down time and challenge opponents in action-packed derbies
  • Explore arenas filled with trampolines, grinders, presses, and jackhammers
  • Witness the impressive vehicle damage and realistic physics!


  • W / up arrow key = move forward
  • S / down arrow key = move backward
  • A / left arrow key = turn left
  • D / right arrow key = turn right
  • Alt = nitro
  • R = respawn
  • E = kick the driver
  • C = chancge camera view
  • Tab = pause

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