play skydom online without downloading

Skydom is a fun and beautiful match-3 game. The game features a more classical map progression while keeping unique features from other match-3 games like Jewels Blitz and Match Arena.


Complete unique objectives for rewards

Each level you play in Skydom has an objective. This objective normally involves clearing a certain amount of a particular object or gemstone. When you do, the level is complete and you get rewarded! Some levels also put you in competition against other players online.

Create special gemstones for powerful effects

Match 3 pieces of the same color to clear them from the board and head further toward the goal. Combine higher multiples of gems to create unique pieces that produce fantastic effects.

Unlock new features with progression

Progress down the Skydom path to new lands and unlock the alchemist once you’ve earned 1,000 coins. This master of the elements will brew special bonus pieces that become full bonuses when collected.

Customize your gameplay experience

Skydom will give you hints every step of the way. However, if you want to turn these off, you can do so in the options to make the game more challenging. You can change several settings here, including the language.


Drag or use the left mouse button to switch pieces.

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