City Car Driving Simulator: Ultimate 2

play city car driving simulator online

City Car Driving Simulator: Ultimate 2 is an exhilarating driving game that puts you in control of high-speed stunts and thrilling pursuits against a relentless police force. Earn cash by performing daring feats and escaping the law, unlocking a wide range of vehicles, and upgrading their parts along the way. Navigate treacherous city streets, outmaneuvering the police through intricate traffic, narrow alleys, and busy highways. Stay ahead of the game with lightning-fast reflexes, strategic thinking, and exceptional driving skills. Customize and upgrade your vehicles to build the ultimate ride for an unforgettable driving experience.


  • W / up arrow key = accelerate
  • A / left arrow key = turn left
  • D / right arrow key = turn right
  • S / down arrow key = brake, move backward
  • Space = hand brake
  • Q / E = indicator lights
  • L = headlights
  • I = start / stop the engine
  • F = boost
  • C = change camera view
  • ESC = pause

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