Draw Crash Race

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Draw Crash Race is a casual game where you draw your own vehicle and race it in 3D. Use your drawing skills to build a sturdy and fast motor to take to the tracks. The races are filled with all kinds of obstacles to avoid.

How to Play

Compete against other racers while navigating through obstacle-filled tracks. Use your drawing skills to create a sturdy car by connecting the wheels to the pilot’s seat, and adding anything extra for aerodynamics!

Prepare for high-speed races, but be cautious! Your wireframe car is quite fragile and prone to breaking up. Draw your car with precision and brace yourself for exhilarating moments as you conquer challenging tracks in Draw Crash Race!


  • W or up arrow key = forward
  • A / D or left and right arrow keys = move left/right
  • Left mouse button = interact with ingame UI

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