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StarBlast is a fun multiplayer arcade shooter set in space. Mine asteroids and fight other players in your own fully upgradable spaceship. Work together with your teammates to ensure victory.

How to Play


There’s an excellent tutorial level on that will teach you all the basics, from fighting to mining rocks and upgrading your ship. Complete this training section and you’re ready to take the fight online!

Choose your game

There are four game modes in StarBlast. These modes are team mode, survival mode, invasion, and pro deathmatch. Team mode is a good starting point for a new player, as you’ll have a crew to back you up. Choose from three primary teams:

  • Federation
  • Sovereign Trappist Colonies
  • Orion Arm Guild

Mine gems

Gems are the backbone of the StarBlast economy. You’ll find them by mining asteroids and destroying the ships of opposition forces. Just shoot rocks until they explode! Make sure you aim for rocks that are suitable for the size and power of your ship.

Upgrade your ship

You can buy upgrades with all of those precious gems you’ve earned. As well as using gems to buy upgrades, you can convert them into credits to buy additional weapons at your team’s base. There are seven ship tiers you can evolve to, as well as enhanced cargo capacities.

You’ll notice an upgrade menu at the bottom. Gems convert instantly into upgrades for these items. From left to right, this is the order of upgrades you’ll see there:

  • Shield capacity
  • Shield regeneration
  • Energy capacity
  • Energy regeneration
  • Laser damage
  • Weapon speed
  • Ship speed
  • Ship agility

Battle with other players

Fighting other ships is a huge part of the enjoyment. It’s wise to use your speed as a small ship to escape battle and mine resources until you’re powerful enough to fight. Be sure to keep a fresh stock of additional weapons and make sure you buff your attack and defense stats as much as possible!


  • Arrow keys to drive
  • LMB to shoot

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